Kimberley Stacey, Founder and Fashion Designer for TISKA London.

Kimberley Stacey

Kimberley Stacey, born in southern England, has traveled extensively to Iceland throughout her entire life. As the daughter to a travel industry entrepreneur specializing in trips to the country, Kimberley had the unique pleasure of growing up with sights straight from a fantasy land. Envision a childhood riding Icelandic horses, building tunnels in giant snow drifts, taking in the northern lights and even spending time at a glacier lagoon. Pure magic.

She continues her journeys to Scandinavia and counts the lakes of Eastern Finland in the summertime and Sweden’s ICEHOTEL as some of her favorite recent memories. Nonetheless, “Tiska” means fashion in Icelandic and the country remains the main inspiration for the brand. Merging the big city style of London with the allures of Scandinavia have resulted in a poetic yet absolutely wearable fashion label marked by storytelling and tradition.

“There are many reasons why I love the Nordic countries,” she explained preparing to share a few of her highlights,“… Nordic countries are among the highest ranked for happiness in the world. ”She goes on to list Nordic citizens’ style, the trolls and dwarfs of Icelandic culture, Iceland’s gender equality, Finland’s International Failure Day (“without the possibility of failure, there is no success”) and paid paternity leave in Sweden – what’s not to love?

Every collection is based on a story – a Saga – she crafts about a strong and viking- like female. Inspired by old Icelandic Sagas, they equally fascinate Stacey and clients of the brand. “I want a connection to be built with the clothes and the label.